Purple is contributed to having a purple aura which means being in a good space, experiencing a state of equilibrium and higher awareness.  Purple is the color of healing, cleansing and indicates the soothing of pain.  Being the color of consciousness, purple is associated with the divine.



Why Purple?


We are committed to providing interactive education to live a holistic lifestyle. We believe in empowering people to learn how to create powerful connections to the mind, body and environment. Our mission is to have all people create the exact life they love free from force or struggle through Living Life Purple. We are a global movement. We are the future of wellness.

  • We believe in Living a holistic lifestyle and  treating the body as a whole 
  • We believe in Loving, respecting and listening to the body
  • We believe in the abundant power that the body and the universe provide
  • We believe in taking care of our planet to live in harmony as one

Step into the world of "Living Life Purple"...

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